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The Most Common Football Gambling Myths

There is so much misinformation out there about football betting. You will have some people telling you it’s all rigged and you have no chance of winning. While on the other hand others will claim it’s a license to print money. To help you sort facts from fiction and learn the truth about football gambling we are going to look at the most common myths!

Match Predictions Are Not Always Accurate

Match predictions may help you win big but unfortunately, they are only as good as the person providing them. There are a lot of people who claim to be experts offering tips but only a small percentage are winning gamblers. If you want to improve your chance of winning football bets you need to find real professional gamblers and only pay attention to their tips.
The other thing to consider is that professional gamblers are only right about 60% of the time. So even if you are following their tips you can expect to lose a lot of time.

Sportsbooks Are Rigged And Never Lose

Many beginner gamblers don’t realize that most sportsbooks do not care about the result of a football match. A good sportsbook will balance their action on both teams and then collect their commission risk-free. While the commission sportsbooks charge can make it hard to win over the long term if you know how to analyze a football game and determine when the odds are incorrect you will be able to beat the sportsbooks.

Statistics Are Always Correct

You should always use statistics to support your football betting decision. However, many gamblers place too much weight on the accuracy of statistics which could lead to them making poor bets. For example, a gambler may study the head-to-head record between two teams and the back the side with the superior record. However, if the teams have only played each other a few times or when they did play the lineups were completely different this statistic is not predictive and can lead to false conclusions. So make sure you use statistics but also understand their limitations.

Parlays Are For Clueless Gamblers

A parlay is where you combine many single bets into one large wager. Your bet only pays off if all of your single wagers win. Sports gamblers make parlays because they are able to receive huge payouts from tiny stakes. Many players avoid parlays like the plague due to the high risk and low chance of winning. However, they can form an effective strategy if you only fill your parlay with 4 or fewer bets and you pick specific low odds games. We know several gamblers who have used parlay betting strategies to win big!

Time To Bet On Football!

Now you know the truth about some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding sports gambling, it is time to make better-informed wagers and start winning some cash!