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How Do Football Wagering Odds Work?

If you are new to football wagering, then you have must have heard of coefficients and payout. But do you know what they mean and how to calculate them to increase the payout percentage? In this article, we are going to explain all the things relating to soccer wagering coefficients which tell you how likely a certain team is to win a match. Sportsbooks are going to crunch the statistics and determine the likelihood of each team winning and then set odds that reflect these probabilities. Teams that are unlikely to win have very high odds while teams that are almost guaranteed to win have very low odds.

Calculating Probability Based On Football Coefficients

Converting football payouts to probabilities is super simple. Just follow these steps:
Take fractional coefficient and add 1 to a larger number for example 2:1 becomes 3:1
Divide small number by large number – for example, 2:1 becomes 1/3
The result is the likelihood of the team winning for example 1/3 = 33%
So this means if a team has coefficients of 2:1 to win a match the bookmaker thinks that they will win 33 out of 100 games or 1 out of 3 matches.

How To Find Lucrative Football Bets

To find successful football bets you need to analyze a game based on historical performance, weather, home-field advantage, form, and lineups. You then need to set your probability for a match. For example, based on your research you may think Arsenal has a 44% chance of beating Man City and then discover that the sportsbooks are offering 2:1 for an Arsenal victory.
You would then make this bet as based on your calculations their odds are significantly undervalued. The goal is to find odds that are as far away from your predictions as possible. Unfortunately, if your skills at setting probabilities are incorrect then you will be making losing bets but if you work on your analytical skills you will be able to outsmart the sportsbooks and make successful wagers.

Calculating Your Earnings Based On Payouts

You can use football betting odds to find out your exact earnings before making a bet. For example, if you lock in odds of 4:1 you are going to receive $4 for every $1 you bet plus your stake, so if you place $100 you are going to receive $400 in profit plus your $100 stake back and your account will have a $500 balance.

No More Waiting – Let’s Start Acting Now

Now you know how football odds work, use them in your favor to identify profitable bets. If you keep track of your success, you will always remain a winner in the long term. Start crunching the numbers on today’s football matches and your wagering journey is going to be fun and stress-free.