Tips For Betting On Football Leagues Around The World!

There are so many different football leagues around the world that have great betting markets. However, figuring out how to make winning bets is no easy task. Lucky for you we are going to share tips that you can use to analyze and place profitable bets no matter the league! Let’s get started!

Research Match Statistics

You need to understand and analyze the key factors that influence the outcome of a match. Make sure you know the average number of goals a side scores and concedes every match, you better know the head-to-head record of the teams playing. You also need to know the form of the two sides, how their lineups mesh together, and the different strategies they play. The more you understand the intricacies of football the better gambler you will become!

Know The Current Lineup Like The Back Of Your Hand

The last thing you want to do is make a big bet on a team only to find out their star player is being rested or sidelined with an injury. Before gambling, check both team’s lineups and make note of any key players who are not playing. You can make big money by betting on underdogs when they are playing a top side that is missing key players.
You also need to study how the two lineups gel together. For example, a side that has a dynamic striker is going to give a side with a below-average defense serious problems. You need to determine if a team’s lineup can exploit the weaknesses of the opposing side.

Be Wary Of New Signings

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Some football gamblers become a little too eager to bet on sides that have just signed a big-time player. However, you should proceed with caution as often it takes these new players some time to fit into the lineup and adapt to their side’s strategy. This is particularly common if a player is playing in a league for the first time.

Always Look At The Head To Head Record

If you could only use one thing to base your football bets on it should be the head-to-head record. The head-to-head record is the tally of all the matches that have taken place between sides and lists the number of wins, losses, and draws. As history likes to repeat itself the head-to-head record is one of the best prediction tools in football gambling.
When using the head-to-head record to predict an outcome make sure you only look at the most recent games and try to only consider matches where the teams had similar lineups.

Take Note Of The Side With Home Field Advantage

Football teams play better at home. You can look at the statistics, football sides are much harder to defeat when they are playing on their usual pitch and being cheered on by their fans. It takes a brave football gambler to bet against a team that has a history of winning at the home ground. We like finding underdog home teams and betting on them upsetting away favorites. Home sides often play above their potential and are likely to win even when the odds are stacked against them.

Become An Amateur Weatherman

The weather has a major impact on the results of a football match. Some teams struggle to play in the cold and make mistakes while being unable to create attacking opportunities. While other teams thrive in miserable conditions. Before making a bet you need to not only pay attention to the weather but understand how it will affect the performance of each team. For example, if a team has a strong defense and is known for scoring most of their goals from set-pieces, then gambling on them when it is raining and cold is a smart move.
On the other hand, if it is a perfect sunny day and the pitch is in pristine condition then bet big on the team that likes to pass the ball around and has amazing strikers and midfielders who are known for dribbling around defenders.

Make Sure The Team You Are Gambling On Is Motivated To Play Hard

The outcome of some football games has no impact on the league results. These games are very dangerous to bet on because oftentimes the teams are motivated to play hard and you can witness some strange results. Due to the lack of motivation, we advise you against betting on friendlies because often neither team is interested in playing their best.
We recommend you find games where the underdog team is a must-win situation and they are taking on a superior team that doesn’t gain anything by winning. For example, the underdog side is facing relegation and they are taking on a side that is in the middle of the standings who can’t improve their position. In this situation, it can be wise to bet big on the underdog who will be giving their all to win the match and is likely to cause an upset.

Find The Very Best Odds

Once you have selected a game and bet that looks profitable you then need to check out multiple sportsbooks and find the best odds. You will be surprised at the range of odds you can find. One site might have Arsenal to win at 1.8 while another might only have them at 1.7. By always finding the highest odds you can win thousands of extra dollars with the same wagers.

Time To Bet On A Football League Match!

Now you know how to identify winning football matches all you need to do is sign up to a sportsbook, pick a football league, select a match and make a bet! Make sure you follow every single one of our steps to improve your chances of winning. Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a little while to get the hang of football gambling, soon you will become an expert.